Hoover Washing Machine Repair


EPL Appliance Repairs is a professional centre for repair and maintenance of all Hoover Washing Machine including top loaders and front loaders. Our technicians fix and service all Hoover washing machine models.

Your Hoover washing machine is doubtlessly one of the most important appliances you have in your home. However, when it breaks down, it can be heartbreaking when the guy you asked to come and fix it fails to come or tells you that the brand is too complicated and cannot fix it. As bearers of good news, we are proud to inform you that we are the Hoover washing machine repair experts you can trust.

Why us?

Are you wondering why you should work with us, whereas there are hundreds of repair experts you can work with in the modern Australian market? Well, here is the ultimate answer!

  • We repair your Hoover washing machine within a day and ensure your laundry cleaning schedule is not interrupted
  • If we don't have a spare part needed to complete repair service, we know where to get it! Therefore, we shall never tell you that your problem is too difficult to solve! 
  • We provide the most competitive pricing strategy in the market. Therefore, we have a solution for every problem that will meet your needs and complement your budget
  • We have a team of experienced, licensed, accredited, and award-winning Hoover washing machine repair experts
  • We are backed by a 30-year company history; hence we have the experience required to have every job done
  • We are available to come to you at any time of the day, the day of the week, or season of the year. All you need to do is give us a call, and our Hoover repair experts will be at your doorstep before you know it!

Affordable Hoover washing machine repairs

Have you ever called a washing machine repair who will do a good job, but charge you an exorbitant amount at the end of the service? This can be frustrating, and can even force you to immerse yourself in a pool of debts. When you call us, our technicians will assess the level of damage, determine the spare parts required to complete the job, and give you a free no-obligation quote that is free from hidden charges. What we quote in the estimate is the exact figure that you will pay at the end of the service.

What makes us a market leader is that we offer competitive pricing in all our Hoover repair services. Therefore, regardless of the intensity of the problem, you can rest assured that you will get a solution that complements your budget from us.

Our technicians are top-notch

All our technicians who come to you for Hoover washing machine repairs are highly experienced and skilled in fixing Hoover front load washing machines, washer drier combo, as well as dishwashers. They will come in a fleet stocked with super-quality spare parts, and if they don't, all you will need to do is make a pre-order, and they will come with it and complete your project in the shortest time possible.

Get in touch!

Don't fall prey of scammers who pretend to offer you with the best Hoover washing machine repairs, but in the real sense, they are only interested in the monetary benefits that come with this undertaking. Call us today, and we shall deliver a blend of quality, affordable, and reliable services.