Samsung Washing Machine Repair


EPL Appliance Repairs is a professional centre for repair and maintenance of all Samsung Washing Machine including top loaders and front loaders. Our technicians fix and service all Samsung washing machine models.

We know how frustrating it is when your Samsung washing machine breaks down in mid-cycle, and the guy you expect to come and fix it fails to pick your call or tells you that the brand is too complicated and cannot work on it.

Also, we understand how you feel when you call an appliance repair expert to fix your Samsung washing machine, does a good job, but gives you a quote that is enough to purchase a brand new appliance!

At EPL appliance repairs, we are the Samsung washing machine repair expert you can trust!

If you have been looking for an accredited Samsung repairman without success, then you have come to the right place. At EPL Appliance Repairs, we have been dealing with this brand for many years now, and this has gone a long mile in helping us build an unshakable reputation.

Clients keep coming back to us and referring our business to others for two main reasons;

In case your Samsung washing machine breaks down, and you have to do your laundry, you don't need to get your hands dirty. All you need to do is give us a call, and our dispatch team will send seasoned Samsung repairmen your way in no time. What makes us stand out is that we treat every emergency call with the seriousness it deserves; thus you can rest assured that we shall respond faster than a fire engine and make sure your appliance is rolling before you know it.
Most people fear to repair their Samsung washing machines because they believe that they will pay more for the service than they would do when replacing the appliance. If you still hold these thoughts, you haven't tried our services! When you come to us, we shall look at your needs, and offer solutions that will fulfill them and complement your budget at the same time. Our quote doesn’t contain hidden charges, neither do we charge you for services not rendered. Therefore, the amount we quote in the estimate is the one you shall pay at the end of the service. We are the most affordable Samsung washing machine repair you can afford!

We specialize in Samsung washing machine repairs. Get in touch with us for a fast, effective, and affordable services ASAP!