Fridge & Freezer Repair


EPL Appliance Repairs is a professional centre for repair and maintenance of all Domestic Brands of Fridges and Freezers including Top Mount, Bottom Mount, French Door and Side by Side. Our technicians fix and service all Fridge and Freezer Brands such as Westinghouse, BOSCH, Samsung, LG, Electrolux, Fisher & Pykel, Hoover, Simpson, Whirlpool and etc.

EPL appliance repairs are experienced with modern technology in repairing all different types of refrigerators in the market such as Samsung, LG, Bosch, Simpson, Electrolux, Amana, Whirlpool, Fisher & Paykel, May tag, Philips, GE, Kelvinator, Hoover, Westinghouse, Jenn-Air and all other brands.

Our skilled and professional technicians have enough experience and knowledge to know which part of fridge doesn’t work properly and will repair or replace it.

We provide refrigerator repair Services for different types of domestic and freezers in the Sydney area including: Sydney CBD, Northern Beaches, North Shore, Easter Suburbs, Hills District, South-Eastern Sydney, Southern Sydney, Western Sydney, Inner West, South-Western Sydney.

Common Problems

Just like other machines and appliances, you may also experience problems with your fridge and freezer. For example, what happens when you fridge won’t cool. This can be a problem especially if you want to stock your items in your fridge. Apart from that, this would also mean additional costs since it will take too long for any item to cool.

There are other common problems that you may also experience:

1. Does not run, no light in refrigerator

No power – AC outlet defective or open circuit

Service cord defective – Transfer to electrician

2. Does not run, light in refrigerator works

Temperature control defective

Defrost timer defective

Start relay defective

Compressor failure

3. Does not run for period of time after defrost

Defrost terminator defective

Defrost timer defective

4. Runs continuously with no cooling

Loss of refrigerant charge

Insufficient compressor

5. Runs continuously, unit too cold

Temperature control defective

Temperature control out of adjustment

6. Runs excessively, freezer & refrigerator not cold enough

Evaporator fan defective

Defrost timer defective

Sealed system problem

Compressor failure

Condenser fan defective

Dirty condenser

7. Runs & cycles, refrigerator normal,freezer not cold enough

Poor door seal on freezer – adjust

Light stays on in freezer

Switch defective

Excessive door openings

Room temperature to cold

Too much warm food placed in freezer at one time

8. Refrigerator normal, but sweating

Interior – Bad door seals

Exterior - Void in insulation, - Bad door seals, - Heater defective in door channel

9. Excessively noisy

Unit not level

Internal compressor problem

Condenser fan defective

Evaporator fan defective

Defrost water pan rattles

10. Water leaking inside refrigerator

Restriction in drain system    


So, if you need help urgently, just call EPL Appliance service on 0422190552 or book on-line and we’ll try to visit you as soon as possible, we aim to provide a speedy service and will always do the best to get your refrigerator working again as quickly as possible.




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